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Peculiar Polish Series- Candy Candy

It's another Thursday and time for more Peculiar Polish! Nev from Nevorpurify's Nail Art  is helping me out by designing looks that are from different cartoons that may be a bit less traditional. If you have a suggestion for her, just fill out the embedded form at the bottom of the page!
Ängeles Díaz sent Leslie a really nice note about the cartoon Candy Candy, which she loved while she was growing up. She is from Spain and said that Candy Candy was very popular there. I, not being from Spain, hadn't ever heard of Candy Candy before so I did a little bit of research. I found out that Candy Candy is a Japanese cartoon that features an American girl who was orphaned. The story follows her trials and tribulations and seems surprisingly optimistic. Candy Candy has been a novel, an anime series, and manga over the years, which is relatively typical for Japanese cartoon, what surprised me though was that her first appearance was in 1975! That means Candy Candy has been around for almost 40 years! I think that's awesome! For my nails I did Candy Candy on my index finger, the distinctive bows that she always wears in her hair, and her pet raccoon Klint. Have you seen Candy Candy before? I watched the opening sequence and it looks like it was a great show!

Klint, bows, and Candy Candy

Close up of Candy Candy

Great job Nev! These are so sweet and girly! You keep proving to be the perfect choice for helping me out with this series. :) -Leslie
Peculiar Polish Series- Candy Candy Peculiar Polish Series- Candy Candy Reviewed by sempak kuning on 4:00 AM Rating: 5

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