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Stash Swatch Sticks

You might have noticed that I've started including swatches on a false nail stick in some of my posts. I recently heard about these Swatch sticks and I love the idea of having everything so organized. Plus if anyone comes over for a mani, they can fan through those to find what they like. And that frees me up to reorganize my stash by brand vs by color or whatever! So I ordered 8 sets of 50 nail sticks from this eBay listing. Then I accidentally ordered an additional 8 sets because I thought my first order didn't go through. :( I'm a goober like that sometimes. Lol. So I have more than enough to swatch my entire collection! It will be nice to use them and try different combinations of polishes, so I will still use them.

You can write with a Sharpie permanent marker on the stick part and to brand and color name. :)

So far I have them grouped by color family. This is my glitter/magnetic/crackle ground. I layered the flakies over black and white to see how the colors pop.

So that's my whole stash! 
I have a group for:
Now if I can ever find someone willing to custom make me a polish rack/bookcase to my specifications.... I plan on organizing my stash by brand!
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