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Lacquistry Celery Stew

February 13, 2012

How exciting... Amanda from Amandalandish went on vacation and asked me to be a guest blogger for her today. If you have a chance, check out her blog!!!!! 

This is two coats of Lacquistry Celery Stew with no top coat. Not a traditional Valentine's Day color, but......I think it turned out nicely....

Then I added one coat of Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd. I did not add any top coat because I knew I would be adding some rub on nail art stickers. These type of decals do not like to stick to slick surfaces. I purchased these super cute decals from EzNail. I love these --so fast and easy!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day! 

Lacquistry Celery Stew Lacquistry Celery Stew Reviewed by sempak kuning on 5:06 AM Rating: 5

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