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Exotic Encounters - China Glaze On Safari Collection 2012

When I found out that the store I usually buy my polish from had the new China Glaze On Safari Collection in stock, I immediately placed an order for the two polishes that grabbed my attention the most - Exotic Encounters and I'm Not Lion. Come to think of it now, there are definitely a few more shades I want from this collection and lot of the colours have an autumn/ winter feel to them.

Exotic Encounters is like a dark teal green, definitely leaning more onto green. The formula is very opaque and with careful application, you almost wouldn't need two coats. Although this wasn't a problem at all, I found the consistency quite strange, it started out very thin and runny but by the time I got to my pinky, it became thick and goopy. It reminds me of some Barry M polishes whose formulas are also like this.

I wasn't feeling all that great today and to be honest, was also totally uninspired to do nail art or stamping so I just placed some loose hex glitter whilst the polish was still wet, to form french tips.

I have a bad feeling that this polish stains because when it pooled onto my cuticle on one of my nails, it was a pain to remove! I hope that isn't the case as I've only just recently got rid of some other staining!

Thanks for reading and commenting :)
Exotic Encounters - China Glaze On Safari Collection 2012 Exotic Encounters - China Glaze On Safari Collection 2012 Reviewed by sempak kuning on 11:26 AM Rating: 5

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