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Chromatic Pastels

Back in November, I posted this mani called "Chromatic Neon Dots". A metallic foil base topped with colourful neon dots. Since then, I've received a lot of positive feedback on my IG feed for this mani so I decided to recreate it but this time with softer pastel dots.

I still prefer the way the neon dots look against the silver, they are obviously much brighter and stand out more but it's toned down cousin isn't so bad either.

I used Stargazer Chrome Silver #232 for the base and the dots are a mixture of pastel coloured polishes ranging from Jessica Samba Parade to Barry M Lemon Ice Cream, to Rimmel London Misty Jade.

(Haha, the reflection on the bottle...me in my house sweater! Lol!)

Thanks for reading and commenting :)
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