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Can I Call This A Gradient?

Gradients are everywhere at the moment! I can't open my blog feed, my IG or my Pinterest without stumbling upon a gradient or ombre as it's often called, and I'm loving it! I've always loved gradients so I'm really glad they're everywhere!

In the past couple of weeks, I've seem some of the most beautiful gradients from Jeanette at The-swatchaholic,  from Carolina at Colores de Carol and of course Sammy's brilliant tutorial.

I had to try a gradient myself but it didn't quite turn out how I had planed! I was hoping for that smooth transition from one colour to the next, like that blended eyeshadow effect as I like to call it, without any of the grittiness but I had no such luck :( Maybe I should have used more complementing colours instead of contrasting.

I still like the way it turned out but I wasn't trying to go for the obviously clear graduation look. It's definitely something I'll try again soon, after I practice a little more.

I added a layer of Accessorize Crystal Shimmer to add a little bit of sparkle and at a last attempt of smoothing everything out.

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