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Pastel Tie-dye Accent

Today I finally tried something I've been meaning to do for ages. My "to do" list just keeps getting bigger :)

Needle drag or needle marble manis as they are most often called, quite simply involve dragging a needle through still wet and goopy polish to create the blend of colours and the tie-dye effect. There are a few You Tube tutorials on this and I particularly like THIS one by Liquid Jelly, the pattern she created looks so amazing.

I generally like the way these look, they are easy to do and lets be honest, I completely suck at water marble manis so this is the closest I can get to it!

What do you guys think of needle marble manis?
Pastel Tie-dye Accent Pastel Tie-dye Accent Reviewed by sempak kuning on 2:07 AM Rating: 5

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