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Peculiar Polish Series - Maleficent

It's another Thursday and time for more Peculiar Polish! Nev from Nevorpurify's Nail Art  is helping me out by designing looks that are more obscure cartoon characters. If you have a suggestion for her, just fill out the embedded form at the bottom of the page!
Here's Nev->
Maleficent is the villainess in Disney's adaptation of Sleeping Beauty.  She sometimes takes the form of a dragon - one of the coolest dragon designs in animation!  I'm happy that Eva suggested this tutorial, because two of my favorite nail artists have previously done Maleficent nail designs, so I feel honored to offer my take on the character (check out Robin Moses's here and Sonoma Nail Art's here). 
Sorry about the orientation, I tried to no avail to fix it without success. Start out with grey nails. 

Add on darker grey blobs. To preserve the shape of Maleficent's face begin by only outlining her face. Outline the dragon in black as well.

For the non-accent fingers add in stripes of different shades of grey and purple. For Maleficent's face use a very light grey. After you fill in her face, add in here horns and neck line. Use yellow to fill in the dragon's mouth and put black teeth on top of it. The dragon's belly is purple.

Detail Maleficent's face by adding eyebrows and a nose. Just below her eyebrows add in light purple eyeshadow. 

Give the dragon a nose, eyes, and stripes on her belly. Conclude with Maleficent's eyes, lips, and use light grey to stripe her horns. 
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