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Weekly Synopsis - Chapter 11

I finished reading Hunger Games yesterday and had to immediately buy Catching Fire! I know, I know...I'm late as usual! Most people I know read HG like a year ago or something!!!

So I obviously loved it, but it left me wanting more! I would read it at every opportunity and hated when I had to put it down! People say it's a cross between Stephen King's Running Man and Battle Royale, although these are more aimed at an adult audience. Has anyone read Battle Royale by Koushun Takami?

Anyway, so I was so into it like a teenager that I went and did some "Katniss - The girl who was on fire" nails! If you want to see some proper Hunger Games nails, head over to Sammy's blog or for some awesome flames nail art, head over to Jane's blog! As you can see, I tried to do a "drag-needle" sort of job various times on a nail wheel but it didn't quite work of my newly short nails! Nfu Oh 49 works quite well for burning ashes though!


 Posts of the week:

- Leslie from polish art addiction did a really pretty and soft Cinderella inspired franch mani. I really must try something like this.

- Rebecca from Rebecca likes nails shows us how to make nail polish jewelery. I need to get myself some clear glass cabochons and some ring bases. Custom made rings = awesome :)

- Want to see a mani inspired by Adele's Louboutin nails. Head over to Loucas por esmalte.
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