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Multichrome Purple Glitter

Here is a little update to yesterday's mani. I wasn't ready to take off Perfect Plum. Well, to be honest I'm trying to wear my manis for longer than 24 hours, let's see how that goes :)

This is one coat of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple over Rimmel London Perfect Plum. I had to make the most of the tiniest bit of sun we had today!

Chunky Holo Purple is a multichrome glitter polish in a sheer purple jelly base. It is way too sheer to wear on it's own so I think it looks best layered over other polishes. If I move my hand, the multichrome"ness" of this polish really shows - from green to yellow, orange and red. I tried to capture some of the blue/ turquoise you can see in the bottle but couldn't. It is really pretty! Much more than my crappy little camera could capture.

I'm also using larger pictures than before. I like the look of large pictures on blogs but my camera isn't very good at capturing detail which is the main reason I like large pictures. I also feel that my fingers/ nails look weird in larger pics! Hmm dunno! My cousin and my mum said they prefer the smaller sized pictures. Let's see how I get on, if not, I'll have to revert back to smaller pictures.
Multichrome Purple Glitter Multichrome Purple Glitter Reviewed by sempak kuning on 11:15 AM Rating: 5

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