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Weekly Synopsis - Chapter 9

The "Big Freeze" is taking it's toll throughout most of Europe. I don't think we've had it that bad in England but if you watch the news, you would have seen the chaos it is causing elsewhere. A lot of people are obsessed with snow, I don't care for it much unless I want to ski. When I have to wake up at 6:30am and make my way to work in it, not so much fun!

However, I have to admit it does look pretty, magical and makes for great photos. Here is a picture of the lake near our house, it's half frozen! The ducks actually walk over the icy parts, can you spot the one stepping off the ice and back into the water? Poor little ducks. Do you think they get cold?


After seeing a picture of Arya in Nihrida's weekly summery yesterday, I realised I haven't posted a picture of my little fur ball in a while. Here is Eggbert sitting in one of his favourite places (the corner of the living room cupboard) staring out of the window at the snow:


This week I have been playing Lana Del Rey - Born to Die and Video Games non-stop on my iphone! I think it's getting on Martin's nerves! I have read all the controversy about her being an artificial creation and even The Guardian and Vigilant Citizen articles but I still love her look and her music regardless! If you haven't seen the video for Born to Die yet, here it is:


Posts of the week:

- Natalie from Gems in a Bottle showed us three gorgeous Deborah Lippmann glitters - Candy Shop and Forget You and Happy Birthday from the Get the Party Started set. Candy Shop and Forget You are two huge lemmings of mine.

- All Lacquered Up swatched the China Glaze Capitol Colours Hunger Games collection for us. Do you already know which colours you want to get your hand on or are you getting the entire collection?

- I recently came across a Brazilian blog by a lady called Kelly. Her Blog is called - Esmaltes Da Kelly. I love her nails and the layering combos she comes up with! I can't believe I haven't spotted it before!
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