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Sweet Cherries of Mine

Time for a little bit of nail art! I've got so much stuff to post for you guys and I wish I could post everyday but I'm so busy at the moment :( Good thing I have quite a few swatches and manis which I did over a weekend a couple of weeks ago, so I'll keep posting some of these until I run out!

I had been wanting to do a cherry manicure for ages as they are incredibly cute. However, my first attempt was so disastrous and disappointing that I had to remove it straight away! I drew cherries on all the nails and I just didn't like the look! It was a bit of an overload especially as I am really into more toned down and discreet (not too discreet) looks now!

That's when I came across a picture on Tumblr by a girl called Victoria. She did a cherry mani but only on her accent finger! I can work with that! I spent about an hour looking at all her designs! She is so talented and her stuff is seriously amazing, check out her page!

So, this is the second attempt. I like it much more! I'm even impressed that those cherries came out quite "cherry looking"! I'm so bad at freehand that I was half expecting them to come out looking like plums!

The red is Boots 17 Knockout Red and the white is OPI Alpine Snow!

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