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Pirate Skull & Angry Birds Water Decals - Review KKCenterHK

Here are the cool water decals I got the chance to review for KKCenterHK. I chose the Pirate Skull and the Angry Birds.

Both these decals come individually packed in the small packets shown in the picture below. The Pirate Skull contains 20 decals and costs $2.64 and the Angry Birds pack contains 24 decals and costs $6.

I've had bad experiences with water decals in the past but these are easy to use and of good quality! They easily lift from the backing and I didn't have a problem with tearing the image as I have had with other water decals. As long as you ensure there are no bubbles or water trapped under the image, it smooths onto the nail very well. They are not bulky at all and after a coat of top coat or clear polish, they actually look drawn onto the nail (if I had that freehand ability)! They last for as long as your polish starts to chip so durability is not an issue.

I tried to keep the manis quite simple and this is how I would usually wear decals - on an accent nail! They are a good way to spruce up a mani if you don't feel like doing freehand nail art or don't feel like messing around with scotch tape.

There is an array of water decal themes on their website and I'm really loving some of the French Nail Tips ones! I might have to go back and purchase these for some funky french looks.

*This product was sent to me for review
Pirate Skull & Angry Birds Water Decals - Review KKCenterHK Pirate Skull & Angry Birds Water Decals - Review KKCenterHK Reviewed by sempak kuning on 3:38 AM Rating: 5

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