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Speciallita - Hits No Olimpo Skittles

I've recently done a mini Brazilian swap with Bia from Nails by Bia and I am now the proud owner of some of my favourite shades from the Speciallita Hits No Olimpo collection. We had a bit of trouble with the post as my order got held up and inspected but they managed to get here in the end! Thank you Bia for all your help and concern :)

Bia sent me 5 bottles from Hits No Olimpo, a pink and silver micro-glitter Impala and a burgundy shimmer from Colorama. As the last two don't need sun to show their full effect, I will show you them in the days to come!

Today is the first time there is sun whilst I am at home and it was still really hard to take shots of these because it's so cloudy and the sun kept hiding! Here are some of the pictures I managed to capture whilst the sun was peeking through the clouds (thumb-Zeus, index-Atena, middle-Hera, ring-Dionisio, pinky-Apolo, two coats on all fingers).

I also took this picture under my lamp and I have to say I was pretty impressed that the holo effect was still present, even with no direct sunlight!

I really liked the formula on these! So easy to control, they go on like normal nail polish and don't drag or leave any bald patches like my Nfu Oh's do. They have an unnecessary wide brush for such a small bottle but I don't mind the wide brushes at all, I actually like them.
Next time I use these for a full mani, I will probably layer them over a coat of creme polish. The bottles are so small and they are so pretty, I don't want to use them up right away!

Speciallita - Hits No Olimpo Skittles Speciallita - Hits No Olimpo Skittles Reviewed by sempak kuning on 7:10 AM Rating: 5

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