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Hunger Games Capitol Colors - Riveting

Kicking off my China Glaze The Hunger Games Capitol Colors week is Riveting, my favourite of the bunch! When I first saw a promo shot for this collection and of course had only seen bottle shots, I thought this polish was rather "meh", but the more swatches I came across, the more I fell in love with it! In fact, it wasn't until I saw it mattifed on Sam's blog that I thought, I need this polish in my life right now!!!

Riveting (which represents District 3 technology/ electronics) is such a bright orange jelly packed with gold shimmer flecks. It's like a flakie polish but the pieces are much smaller. What surprised me with this one is that it's super pigmented and perfectly opaque in two coats! The formula is a dream to work with, so smooth and easy to control.

In real life it's that much brighter and mesmerising, I immediately thought of glowing embers (which I love staring at when I'm sitting in front of the fireplace).

Here is Riveting mattified:

And here is Riveting in all it's original glory:

Side by side shiny and matte:
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