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Get Me Some Red Glitter Pupms!

I don't own Ruby Pumps or Ruby Slippers or any other form of Ruby footwear *hangs head in shame*! I know they are amazing polishes but although Ruby Pumps is quite easy to find as is OPI Speak for your Elf, Ruby Slippers is discontinued! Maybe I'll get it in a swap one day, from someone who has a spare bottle lying around, *hint hint*! :)

In the meantime I have Barry M Red Glitter which I'm really loving! I let out a little gasp when I first put it on, the micro glitter creates so much depth.

Apart from the silver and gold glitters, Barry M's other glitters are of really good quality. The pictures show 2 coats of Red Glitter over 1 coat of Boots 17 Knockout Pout (a poppy red creme) and a thick coat of SV. The glitter is dense enough to be applied on it's own but it would probably need 3 coats to be the way I like it!

It makes me want these red glitter Louboutin pumps! Haha!
Get Me Some Red Glitter Pupms! Get Me Some Red Glitter Pupms! Reviewed by sempak kuning on 1:08 PM Rating: 5

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