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Peculiar Polish Series - Pettersson & Findus

It's another Thursday and time for more Peculiar Polish! (Nev was busy last week and time got ahead of us) Nev from Nevorpurify's Nail Art  is helping me out by designing looks that are from different cartoons that may be a bit less traditional/popular. If you have a suggestion for her, just fill out the embedded form at the bottom of the page!

"Laureen suggested the German cartoon Pettersson and Findus for some nail art. I think this was a totally awesome suggestion because these characters look great on nails! Pettersson, the man, is on my middle finger and the stripes of his shirt are on my pinky. Findus, the adorable cat, is on my ring finger. On my index finger I painted Findus' overalls and tail. I think they look adorable! However, I don't know much about Pettersson and Findus because every single article I can find about them is in German and my Google translator isn't doing its job. So maybe some of you can fill me in on what these two are really about!"
Peculiar Polish Series - Pettersson & Findus Peculiar Polish Series - Pettersson & Findus Reviewed by sempak kuning on 4:00 AM Rating: 5

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