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Mod Aqua - For the love of pastels...

Although it's not very spring-like and it's raining here today, (so I can't use any of my new holo polishes, boooo), I can still wear a pastel and pretend that it's sunny! Sometimes I like rain (especially if I'm snuggling at home) but today is not one of those days :(

Here's Nubar Mod Aqua from their Polished Chic Collection Fall 2011:

It's a dusty and soft pastel blue, much like CG For Audrey but less bright! Why don't I pay that much attention to Nubar? They have some really special and lovely polishes and the price isn't bad compared to OPI and Essie!
I had a little trouble with the formula on this one, mine was rather thin and needed 3 coats for full opacity. It also applied a bit streaky but nothing too major for a pastel! It's still a gorgeous polish!

As you can see, I'm also experimenting with different hand positions for my pics. I need to find one that compliments my nails and the shape of my fingers! I love the hand positions the girls on THIS Brazilian blog have, so I've been trying some of them out!

Mod Aqua - For the love of pastels... Mod Aqua - For the love of pastels... Reviewed by sempak kuning on 8:00 AM Rating: 5

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