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Nail Party @ My Place

 I recently had a group of friends over to play in my nail polish. A friend of mine has 4 daughters ranging from 13 years old to 8 years old. Needless to say, they had a blast. I also included a couple others to round it out. We had fun. Everyone picked out colors and konad/bundle monster images to stamp. Then I did the manicures to show them how stamping works.

They all have pretty good taste. Several reached for my HTFs! I'm not stingy, I let them use them.
Deb picked China Glaze TTYL to stamp with GOSH Holographic. She wanted something "not too flashy..." Which fit well for that combination when in normal indoor lighting. Then I took her to the balcony and told her it would come alive! They were all amazed, and I was so proud. :)
Do you share your stash with others and have nail parties?
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