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Barielle Haul - Part 3

More Barielles! These just might be my favorites of the whole bunch. :)

Bottom Row Left - Grape Escape
Um, why have I not bought this polish sooner? It's gorgeous! I love a good purple and this is no exception. 1 COAT! I looooove one coaters. Stellar formula that nearly applies itself. Dries fast and to a shiny finish.

 Nothing bad to say, it's just gorgeous.

Bottom Row Middle is - Expressive
This reminds me of Orly's Lollipop (they are not exact dupes) but the formula on this is sooo much better. My Lollipop is streaky and doesn't self level. This was fantastic. 2 thin coats, very pretty color.

 Bottom Row Right is - Sweet Addiction
This is a beautiful light/medium teal. The formula was strange. It was a bit sticky, like brushing white glue on my nails. And my bottle had leaked slightly in shipping, so the neck was coated and thick. I added some thinner, and that definitely helped. Pictured is 2 coats.

I love these colors! Stay tuned for the last but not least of my haul!
Barielle Haul - Part 3 Barielle Haul - Part 3 Reviewed by sempak kuning on 4:00 AM Rating: 5

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