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Peculiar Polish Series - Ed, Edd, n Eddy

It's another Thursday and time for more Peculiar Polish! Nev from Nevorpurify's Nail Art  is helping me out by designing looks that are from more obscure cartoons. If you have a suggestion for her, just fill out the embedded form at the bottom of the page!
Here's Nev's Nails!
Danielle Carbone requested some Ed, Edd n Eddy nails and a tutorial to go along with them! I loved doing these nails. I didn't want to take them off. I just started nail school and I wore these on my first day; everyone was blown away! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!
I painted Ed on my index finger, Edd on my middle finger, Eddy on my ring finger, and Plank on my pinky. My friend asked me to do Plank for this manicure, because she claims he is the best character. Plank is the imaginary friend of a neighborhood kid who's friends with The Ed's.
Sorry for the bad pic. In the first step, I just painted my nails a light sky blue. 
I used Color Club's Blue Light.

Paint a silhouette of each character and the show's logo on your thumb.

Add some colors. Ed is slightly yellow. Edd is beige. Eddy is slightly purple. Plank is two tones of brown/yellow. Notice that Ed's top hairline is yellow, not black.

Add on some black details. For Plank use red and blue.

Add in whites and touch up Planks eyes.

Finish off the detailing by adding eyes and teeth.

She did such a stellar job on these! She completely captured their quirky personalities. Thanks Nev!

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