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Barielle Haul - Part 2

More Barielle polishes for you today. Be sure to check out Part 1.

Middle Row Left is - Jess' Champagne Toast
I like the idea of this polish more than the actuality of it. It's a light purple metallic with small light pink glitter. The finished polish just looks kind of funny. And I really don't care for the shade of light purple metallic. It's just too washed out in my opinion. The formula was slightly thick. It applied a little chunky and required 3 coats before it evened out. On the plus side, each coat dries quickly.

Middle Row Middle is - Berry Blue
Thick formula. Fixed easily enough with some thinner adder. It's an almost one coater! Swatch is 2 coats. Rich navy blue that can lean black in low light.

Middle Row Right is - A Bouquet for Ava
OMG! This is the most beautiful, vibrant teal you will ever lay eyes on. But alas, impossible to photograph accurately. :( All of the google images search results are off too. Apparently no one has been able to photograph it. I swear to you that this is an ELECTRIC teal. It comes alive and is so bright and beautiful. In my pictures it comes across looking like ChG Shower Together, but in real life the color is sooooo rich. Trust me, you need this, go buy it!
 My swatch is 2 easy breezy coats of a good formula that dries quickly. It dries to a semi-matte finish... my pictures are after top coat. Also, it stains like you have no idea! Geez, use a few coats of base coat with this one. But it's so worth it!

Barielle Haul - Part 2 Barielle Haul - Part 2 Reviewed by sempak kuning on 4:00 AM Rating: 5

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