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Live Long & Prosper!

That's right! Star Trek Nail Art featuring Spock!
I'm not a trekkie by any means, but my dad has always liked the series. I liked the most recent movie simply because of the eye candy....
Here, I couldn't resist doing the Vulcan hand salute. ;)

I used Hard Candy Wicked for the black nails. Then Sinful Colors Snow Me White on the accent nails. Black acrylic paint for the emblem and face of Spock.

My research tells me that this symbol was their badge on the uniform. It identified them as members of the Enterprise in the 23rd century (the symbol changed slightly throughout the series). The star burst signifies a command position.

Then Spock's face! I'm so proud of this because it's the first time I've successfully been able to paint a face that's not a cartoon! And you can recognize it! I patted myself on the back for this one. :) I hope you like it too!

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