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Holographic Nudity

I heard rumor that the dress code at work has changed and that they no longer allow employees to wear nail polish! I'm in shock and horror! This is surely directed at me personally! So until I know for sure.... I wore this to my first night back at work. I went for subtlety to hopefully fly under the radar. If the rumor is true, I will simply comply and actually let my nails breathe while I'm at work. That might actually help my staining to improve.... *update! The rumor was FALSE! The policy still only states that "artificial nails are prohibited." So yay! I can still wear my many polishes! :)
This is 2 coats of Revlon Elegant & 1 coat of Speciallita HITS Hefesto.
A naked nail with some holographic goodness in the sun. :)

I'll report back with what I find out!
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