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Swap with Polish Me Pink!

I recently swapped with Francini of Polish Me Pink! for some Brazilian beauties. She helped me get my hands on lots of flakies, some glitter, and tons of multichromes!
It's going to be a massive post, so get ready!

It all started when I asked someone to swap for these 4. I wanted these flakies from Speciallita. They look like dupes for Nfu-Oh flakies that I still have yet to get.
Left to Right:
Jazz, Can Can, Twist, Samba
 In the same order. 
Jazz is swatched over black and white on the index nail, all the others are by themselves.

Jazz- 1 coat.
Just look at those green flakes! It showed up best over black, the white side looked very opal-y but it was difficult to capture in pictures.

 Can Can- 3 coats.
This one looks like Nfu-Oh 50 to me. Light purple base with teal/blue flakes.
Since it took 3 coats, I'll likely just layer it over a medium tone purple when I use it as a full manicure.
Twist- 2 coats.

This one looks like Nfu-Oh 52 to me. Medium blue base with teal/green flakes.
 Same thing here, for future use I will probably layer it over a royal blue to save my precious polish...
The flakes look to be concentrated where the flash hit, but they are perfect & evenly dispersed! Don't let the camera fool you.

Samba - 2 coats
OMG green. Green on green flakes. I love green. This is gorgeous. End of story.
It looks like Nfu-Oh 56, in my opinion. Again, I'll layer it for future use.

Francini called this one Brazil's version of Unicorn Puke. Instead of a purple base, it's a clear base.
Big Universo - Espectral
I'm so happy this is a full 15mL! I know I will be using it a lot!
It has flakes of all different colors. Here is 2 coats over black.
Same combo, different angle.
2 coats layered over OPI Dating a Royal, Zoya Mira, Wet n Wild Black, Sinful Colors Snow Me White.
Same combo, different angle.

She found the last polish of the Hits no Olimpo collection that I wanted.
Dionisio. The dark purple holo.

Dionisio- 2 thin beautiful coats.

She also got me Hits #612 Glitter Forte.
This is a dupe for OPI Absolutely Alice!

It was quite thick and this was 2 gloopy coats. I didn't have any spare room in the bottle to add thinner, so now that I've swatched it maybe I can. :) I might even transfer it to larger polish bottle. I don't know yet...

This she included as a surprise.
Impala SPFW na mira 3d.
It is an awesome holographic glitter polish.
So intensely packed! Left is 2 coats over black, right is 3 coats by itself to show that the base is slightly tinted. It flashes through the whole rainbow, but it has a strong purple flash in the center. I hope you can see that in the pictures. It's beautiful!

She also included a Brazilian quick dry top coat. Extra Brilho.
I haven't given it a full test run yet, but what's up with this brush?! It's horrid! It's round and fluffy, yet limp and scraggly! Ugh! So frustrating. I dumped it into an empty bottle of Seche Vite so that I could use it with a normal brush!

I saw this polish on Francini's blog and asked if she could find it for me. It's a gorgeous multichrome.
Check out her pictures because she did a much better job at capturing the color shifts. HERE.
Ludurana Reluz
Seeing as how I don't exactly know how to read Portugese... It took me a day of wearing this as a full mani and saying "what's that smell?" before I realized it must be scented! Perfumado, yeah it's scented. Lol
It reminds me of a strong cotton/fresh linen type smell mixed with a light generic perfume smell. It's quite potent at first but not unpleasant, and it faded a good bit after the first day.
 It shifts blue, teal, purple, magenta, to rust orange.
My swatch is 3 thin coats. It's a thin formula that is slow-drying. And it was quite pesky in that it moved around after I finished each nail. Weird, right? I painted very neatly, and yet when I moved on and looked back, the polish had moved and flooded my cuticle! It was really crazy. But I will totally put up with strangeness for beauty. :)

In our discussion prior to the swap she told me about this new collection out by Speciallita Hits.
All multichromes! Drool. I wanted them all! And she came through. :)
Again, Francini was able to capture the color transitions better, so check out her post here.

Left to Right:
These were all on the thin side. Each took 3 coats.

Then the other half of the collection.
Left to Right:
Cutie Pie - 3 coats
Trendy- 2 coats
Cool- 2 coats
Dreamer- 3 coats

And the last little goodies she included.
A perfectly compact container of cuticle balm. It's more of a wax than a cream, and it doesn't have a strong scent which is nice. :)
Then a matchbook style packet of 12 mini emery boards. So feminine and cute!

Thanks a million to you, Francini. You should get your package any day now, and I hope you love it as much as I do mine!
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