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Arthur Nail Art

Arthur is a show on PBS kids that is based off a series of children's books written by Marc Brown. The show first aired in 1996 and is still going! It is one of the longest running kids shows, only beat out by Sesame Street. Arthur Read is the main character and he is a walking/talking aardvark. (I didn't know that! I thought he was supposed to be a mouse or something...)
These were suggested using the embedded form at the bottom of my page by:
-Thanks ladies!

Index is D.W. (Arthur's little sister).
Middle is Arthur himself.
Ring is Buster (Arthur's best friend)
Pinky is Francine (Arthur's tomboy friend)

Tutorial format:

Started with a base of Essence Cute as Hell - Bad Girl. (2 coats)

I added some tan colored dots with Essie Sand Tropez.

Different colors of acrylic paint were used for all of the following steps-
Then add a layer of thick topcoat to smooth everything out once it's all dry. :)

The spacing of letters on my thumb took me 3 tries to get it right! Ugh, wording and letters in nail art are not my strong point!
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