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The Fox & the Hound

For all you dog lovers out there! (Becky!)
Two creatures struggling to maintain a friendship despite social pressures dictating them to be enemies. Such a sad but inspirational childhood movie. My sister and I fell in love with basset hounds after this movie. Copper was actually a coon hound dog in the movie, but we liked basset hounds for their short stature. We had 3 growing up a male and 2 females. Luther, Louise, and Lilly. 
Sadly, Luther is the only one still living. He's 13 years old and still lives out at our parent's house. They have such fun personalities, and he still manages to get around just fine and enjoy life. :)

This is Luther as a puppy. So sweet! He was primarily Kimberly's dog.
 Then once he was fully grown. Now he's lost all of the color on his face to gray, but he still has those sweet sad eyes! (And can you see the face silhouette in the spot on his back? Lol)

This is Louise. She was primarily mine! All 3 dogs were AKC registered basset hounds, but Louise (we called her Wheezie) had the least pronounced basset features. Her ears and muzzle were short compared to the others. She died while I was in college and still living at home. She had the funniest personality. She liked squeaky toys and would sit in one spot and squeak it steadily for hours on end! Once, a little boy was over and tried to play with her and her toys... She didn't like it so she took it out of his hand and walked over to her dog house and put it away and out of his reach. Lol. She would even pout when I was away for a trip. When I came back, she would ignore me and try to guilt trip me for leaving. :)
 A quick blurry pic from when she was a puppy. We put her ears in foam hair rollers! I wanted to show this pic because that's my hands and my nails were painted a crazy bright blue! (I also like that gigantic plastic watch on my wrist! Lol)

Then lastly is Lilly, she was primarily my mom's dog. She was hilarious! I think she was seriously crazy. She thought she was human and belonged in the house with us rather than the other dogs outside. And she would be outside and suddenly start "talking" to the air around her. She would snap the air like mosquitoes were buzzing around her face. (and they weren't...) She would also respond when you talked to her and she would grunt, grumble, and whine to make conversation! She died a year or so after Louise.
They lived full lives, and they are greatly missed. Many of my best childhood memories are with out pets. Luther is still going strong, but we are realistic in knowing that he won't live much longer. It's just a matter of time. 

So back to the nail art:
Here is the tutorial for Fox and the Hound.
I started with OPI Jade is the New Black.
 Then I did some "grass" with shades of green acrylic paint on 3 nails.

Then acrylic paints for all the following details of Tod and Copper. 
(Tod was the fox, Copper was the coon hound.)

I think they turned out really cute, and they brought back some great memories. :)
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