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Disney's Tangled

This is my favorite recent Disney movie. It is so sweet and adorable. You must watch it if you haven't seen it yet.

Maddie H & Brenda both suggested Tangled nail art designs, so here we have it!

In hindsight I probably should have added more of a reference to her hair. It's not terribly recognizable. :(
Flynn's mouth turned out funny looking, and I wish the cute crook in his nose was more apparent. I also had a bit of trouble with Rapunzel's chin. That's why it's a heavier black outline, my lines started out way too out of shape. I had to scale it back some. ;) In the end they are pretty cute though!

I started with China Glaze Traffic Jam and stamped BM 201 with China Glaze Emotion. This is cute by itself! I think I'll go back and wear this combination even without the characters.

All the rest of the steps are acrylic paint.

Maddie H specifically asked for a Tangled design similar to The Little Mermaid look I did. 
She wanted their profiles.
See ya soon!
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