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Nutra Nail Gel Polish Remover "No Mess Express" - Review

Nutra Nail was kind enough to also send me their "No-Mess Express" Gel Perfect Remover packs. This box has 5 individual packets.
 The packet looks like this and you just tear across the top.
 It's got a thick pad inside soaked with the acetone and moisturizers. It's psychedelic neon yellow. :)
 The instructions state to stick your fingers inside facing the pad and make sure there is good contact.
 I grasped the outside of the packet with my other hand so that it made contact with each nail. You sit like this for 2 minutes (although I noticed that it already worked well after just 1 minute), then you gently massage the nails against the pad to remove the polish. I rubbed each nail a bit from the outside of the packet and then slowly wiggled each finger out. For the most part it removed ALL of the polish. I just had a little bit here and there on the sides of my nails left. That came off with just a gentle swipe of the pad. 
I then took my other hand and placed my nails against the opposite side of the pad and it was saturated enough to take the polish off them as well. 1 packet works to remove the polish off all 10 nails.
 I was a little worried about the cyanoacrylate in the Gel Perfect Polish Activator damaging my natural nail... Do you remember the cracks I mentioned in the gel polish after a few days of wear? These cracks were still visible on my nails after all of the gel polish had been removed. It's not like it's a crack through the entire thickness of my fingernail, but I'm afraid it looks like it did affect the topmost layer of my nail.
No Mess Express Gel Polish Remover 
(Priced at $7.99 for a box of 5 packets)

  1. "No Mess" is correct, the packet allows you to keep the gunky removed polish contained within.
  2.  Works on multiple nails at once. The packet states 5 nails at once, but I was only able to fit 4 nails in at once. I couldn't figure out a position to put in all 5 of one hand.
  3. One packet works on all 10 nails.
  4. Contains aloe and lanolin to condition as it works. My nails and skin were not dried out when I was finished. 
  5. Makes for a great alternative to the "foil method" of removal of glitter polishes!
  1. Some people might feel like $7.99 is too pricey, but I'm fairly neutral about that. $1.60 per packet isn't too terrible...
  2. The harsh smell might be too strong for some people. However, it's no stronger than the smell of acetone.
So there you have it! Thanks again to Nutra Nail for supplying me with these products to review. I do not seeing myself buying Gel Perfect polish, but I really do like the No Mess Express remover! What do you think? Have you tried these products? What was your experience like?
Nutra Nail Gel Polish Remover "No Mess Express" - Review Nutra Nail Gel Polish Remover "No Mess Express" - Review Reviewed by sempak kuning on 1:00 PM Rating: 5

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