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Novelty Nails - Fuzzy Sweater

I've seen a lot of these strange 3d textured nail art ideas springing up on blogs lately. From granulated sugar for a rock candy look, to the "caviar" look inspired by Ciate's costly product. The idea of putting flocking powder on your nails has been done on several blogs already. The Polishaholic and Let Them Have Polish are the ones I have seen. So when I was in Michael's and saw the flocking powder required to make this look was on clearance for 99 cents, I picked it up!

At first I thought it would be entirely impractical because how could you even wash your hands? 
Can it get wet? I did some testing (I'll show you) and I actually liked this a lot more than I thought I would! And it's so soft, you want to sit there and just "pet" your nails and stroke them lightly.... lol

Here is how I did it in case you are interested:
2 coats of China Glaze Laced Up. It's best to find a base color that's as close to the color of the flocking powder as possible. That way tiny gaps are less noticeable. Top with Seche Vite.

Once my nails were dry I applied a thin coat of Foil Glue. I got this glue with nail art foils from DollarNailArt.Com, you could just apply the flocking powder directly into your wet topcoat, but I found this held onto the fuzzies a little bit bettter.

Find some flocking powder, mine is Party Pink.

Best to do this part over a paper plate because it can get messy and that allows you to funnel the excess back into the container. Sprinkle some of the powder over your nail and lightly press it onto the nail so it sticks good. I then used a fan brush to brush off any excess.

Then you have this!

I wanted to test that water theory.....
When it gets in contact with water and/or soap it looks like this....

Did it ruin it? 
Once you lightly pat it dry to absorb the excess moisture, it looks just like it did before!
I wouldn't recommend much scrubbing, because that will likely loosen your powder. 
I wore this on an accent nail for a night out to test durability, and it faired better than I expected! I was out for 6 hours or so and I only had some flocking missing from the tips. The rest was still there, but it had thinned out a bit. So not bad! 

I know this look isn't from everyone, but it was a lot of fun for one night!
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