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GlitterDaze - Cupid Hit Me

GlitterDaze is another Indie Polish brand on Etsy that is up and coming. The shop can be found here. Sana was nice enough to send me a mini bottle, of my chosing, to review here.
I picked Cupid Hit Me because it looked like such a fun pink in her pictures. So here are my shots!

She describes it as "loaded with multi-sized pink and red glitter as well as silver holographic glitter" and I would have to agree. I would also add that it's in a pink jelly base.
(Outdoors in sunlight.)

(Indoors under artificial lighting)

My swatches above were 3 regular coats. The formula is good and the glitter applies evenly. I took pictures between each coat so you could see just how nicely it builds to opacity.

1 coat

2 coats

3 coats
After 3 coats you could still see a tiny bit of visible nail line at some angles, but not enough to bother me. I applied 1 thick coat of Seche Vite and it ate that up pretty quickly. So this glitter is hungry and will require a few coats of topcoat. Just know that going into it and you won't be disappointed.

I'm very happy with it and think it's a really great color. I couldn't think of anything that it directly looked like, but perhaps Excuse Moi! from the OPI Muppet collection? It's similar, but just that it is glitter in a pink base. The glitter in Cupid Hit Me is a bit larger, and not the same colors. ;) So head over to get some GlitterDaze polishes!

Mini polish 5mL bottles are $4.50, full size 12.5mL bottles are $8.50
GlitterDaze - Cupid Hit Me GlitterDaze - Cupid Hit Me Reviewed by sempak kuning on 4:00 AM Rating: 5

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