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Holo Snakeskin

This was my first time using nail wraps. I spotted these somewhat holographic snakeskin ones and thought they would be a good place to start!

I've used nail foils before but the ones in rolls. The kind you have to use a base coat and top coat with, wait for them to dry, and transfer the foil onto the nail from the plastic backing. These wrap/ foil stickers weren't a pleasant experience. I must have bought the wrong ones (got these on Ebay for £2.99 so not the best quality) because I have seen other people applying these before and they don't seem to have any trouble with them. In fact, that is the whole point of wearing these! I've got a set of Nail Rock wraps which cost £5.99 so I'm going to give those a go as well to see how they compare.

The glue isn't a problem, they stick very well, however they were extremely difficult to smooth down onto the nail bed. No matter which way I applied them and with the utmost care, they would always leave air bubbles and not smooth down around the nail edges and side walls. Filing off the excess was also really difficult and I didn't manage to do it without roughing up the edges.

Holo Snakeskin Holo Snakeskin Reviewed by sempak kuning on 1:25 PM Rating: 5

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