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Shimmer Polish - Melissa & Airriann

Here are 2 more Shimmer Polishes from Cindy. Check out her Etsy shop, her website, or her facebook for more information on purchasing. Or you can always email her directly with your paypal address and the colors you would like to purchase: 

First up is Melissa
Predominantly purple with a bit of gold, red, and blue.
Same story here as other Shimmer Polishes. Glitter applied evenly, dried relatively quick, This swatch is 3 thin coats. Covered well. This bottle had only partial glitter sinkage. But like I said, she's adjusted her formula since then.

Then Airriann
This is my honest opinion, right? I just don't like this color. Like at all. I don't think antique rose gold suits my skin tone and I think it looks awful on me. That is just a matter of personal preference though. I have nothing bad to say about the polish itself. It applied just as easily, dried just as quickly, etc. Swatch picture is 3 thin coats. It's just not my favorite color. Rose gold with some red, blue, green, gold, and black(?) glitter.

Am I just crazy? 
Shimmer Polish - Melissa & Airriann Shimmer Polish - Melissa & Airriann Reviewed by sempak kuning on 4:00 AM Rating: 5

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