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Shimmer Polish - Cindy & Vanessa

I have some fun indie glitters to show you! Indie nail polish makers have been popping up a lot lately, and they all manage to deliver something unique and eye catching. "Shimmer Polish" is no exception. Cindy really knows how to serve up a good glitter bomb! Check out her Etsy shop, her website, or her facebook for more information on purchasing. Or you can always email her directly with your paypal address and the colors you would like to purchase: shimmer484(at)gmail(dot)com

She graciously sent me 10 polishes for review. I chose to break it up into several posts so as to not overwhelm you with pictures. :)

She has named all of the polishes after herself and her closest friends. (Maybe one day she'll have a Leslie!)
First up is Cindy 
I am in no way going to be able to describe all of the many different glitters.... Cindy is primarily red with some gold and holographic thrown in the mix. It applied very easily. Glitter polishes can often times be very thick and difficult to apply. Shimmer Polish Cindy went on evenly and this swatch photo is 3 thin coats.

Next up is Vanessa
 Vanessa comes off primarily charcoal with hints of red. 
Composed of black, silver, red, holographic bits, etc.
Same story..... Applied evenly with 2 coats of this polish. Glitter disperses well across the nail without having to be "placed." The formula was not too thick or too thin. Wonderful!

Cindy of Shimmer Polish has told me that she's made some changes to her formula lately. We all know that the indie polish makers are learning and get better each day, so she's improved her mix to suspend the glitters better. Of the 10 polishes she sent me, 7 of them had sinking glitter. Some worse than others. Not that it makes the polish un-usable or anything though! Just give it a shake and you're good to go. But so you know, she is aware of this issue, and is changing things accordingly.
Shimmer Polish - Cindy & Vanessa Shimmer Polish - Cindy & Vanessa Reviewed by sempak kuning on 4:00 AM Rating: 5

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