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ColorPhase Nail Polish

"Clear topcoat creates color changing effects."
I saw this display at Rite Aid and it drew my interest. Plus the bottles are like tiny barbells. :P

To apply the polish you unscrew it as seen below, but the other bottle is still attached. It made the brush heavier, but not any more difficult to manuever and polish with. This polish had great opacity and it's only one coat pictured below.

There is no name for this color on the bottle, but it's a dark foily purple.

The clear side has a striper as the brush. You can then create designs. Wherever the clear polish goes, the polish turns darker.

Both before topcoat and after topcoat sections are quite shiny.

 It's very metallic and cool.

This was a different day that I experimented with it.
 And yes, your next question is: Can you not wear a topcoat then? Do all topcoats make the polish change? And the answer is yes. I tested with every clear topcoat I have in my stash and they all changed the polish. Orly Sec N Dry, Seche Vite, Gelous, Cult Nails Wicked Fast, Essie Good to Go.
It's a neat novelty polish, but I'm not sure just how much I'll use it. Perhaps because of it's opacity it will make a good stamping polish? I'll have to try that!
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