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KBShimmer The Neon Collection + more

June 12, 2012

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I am in <3 LOVE <3 with KBShimmer's new neon collection called "The Neon Collection". I have never seen such bright and vivid homemade polishes!!! This post also contains swatches of five more polishes from her beauty line! 

Christy sent me these polishes to swatch for her new website, so I thought I would go ahead and review them as well! KBShimmer is set to open up on Monday for sales on the new website (not on Etsy). Check KBShimmer's Facebook page for updates. You can also visit her on Etsy! She also sells some amazing bath and body products! 

First up is KBShimmer Watercolor from The Neon Collection! It has a darker baby blue base with white, silver holo, fuchsia, purple, and blue glitter.  This is my favorite out of the six in the collection. I am a sucker for blues, and this color/glitter combo is amazing. The formula was perfect, and application was a breeze! The glitter came out with no fuss and didn't need any maneuvering. This is three coats with one coat of top coat! Two coats was sufficient. 

Next up is KBShimmer Midsummer's Night! The purple is so complex and is packed with glitter!! This glitter combo consists of holo turquoise, matte turquoise (the glitter looks blue in my photo, but it is really turquoise), white stars, white shredded, and a mixture of ultrafine glitters. The formula was a little thicker compared to the others, but I had no issues with application. I got great glitter coverage in two coats! I do suggest adding a couple coats of top coat to get a smooth finish.

Next up is KBShimmer Shattered Hearts! All I can say is WOW! I am quite impressed this is a homemade polish! It is SO bright and vivid! It practically glows in the daylight. The color in my swatch is a tad off. Can you believe this is even more neon in person?!?!?! 

The black glitter came out with little effort. As I was applying and noticed a black heart on my brush, I would sit it on the lip of the bottle to use later for placement. I did dig a little for one of the hearts, but the other two came out with ease. This is expected with any large chunky glitter. The photos show two coats with one coat of top coat. However, one coat was sufficient. This polish is really pigmented! If you are a pink and black glitter lover, RUN for this polish come Monday!

Next up is KBShimmer Orange-A-Peel. I am not typically an orange fan, but this polish as well as KBShimmer Orange Pop (swatches later in this post) stole my heart! This polish has a neon orange base with a combination of orange, pink, and white glitter. My swatch color is a little off. It actually has a neon appearance in person. Formula was perfect! Photos show three coats with one coats of top coat.

Next up is KBShimmer Glow Stick, an amazing neon yellow polish with silver holo glitter in various sizes and shapes. The silver holo glitter was awesome because it almost took on a gray appearance with the yellow base! Quite impressive how she pulled this off! Formula was great! Photos show three thin coats with one coat of top coat! This is so bright and vivid in person! 

Whats even MORE awesome is that this polish GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! =)

The last of KBShimmer's The Neon Collection is Radioactive (the perfect name by the way. You have to see it in person!). This polish was very difficult for me to photograph. I am not exaggerating. I took over 100 photos and none showed the true neon green that it is (or was even close to showing for that matter)! It was so cool how this polish appeared to change shades based on which type of lighting I was in. My swatches does NOT do it justice. It has the perfect combo if black square, hex, and shredded glitter. It reminds me of Halloween!

Whats even MORE awesome is that this polish GLOWS IN THE DARK as well!!! =)


Another beauty is KBShimmer Berry Patch. The base is a subtle sheer pink with fuchsia, blue and silver holo glitter. So soft and elegant. The formula was great! No issues. Even coverage in three coats. Photos show one coat of top coat.

Another fantastic purple by KBShimmer! This is three coats of KBShimmer Diva! I can see why she named this Diva. It is packed with amazing holo glitter that really sparkles! Application was a breeze! And wow this polish REALLY sparkled in the sun! Very pretty!

If you like blingy, bold polishes, KBShimmer Ice Queen is the polish for you! This is four coats of KBShimmer Ice Queen with two coats of top coat.  I did have to use the dab method on the third and fourth coat to get good coverage, but that is expected. This polish has a clear base and is loaded with lots of silver holo glitter in various sizes! It looked like I had diamond shavings on my nails!

This polish is great for layering. This is one coat of KBShimmer Ice Queen layered over two coats of ManGlaze Matte is Murder. Photos show two coats of top coat.

This is three coats of KBShimmer Orange Pop and one coat of top coat! This polish is so fun and screams summer! It has an orange jelly base with purple, green, red, and orange glitter. The formula was perfect! 

Last but not least is one of my favorites out of the 20+ KBShimmer polishes I own! This is three coats of KBShimmer Shipwreck. I previously blogged about this polish, but thought I would add the swatches again to this post. You can click here to see that post.

KBShimmer The Neon Collection + more KBShimmer The Neon Collection + more Reviewed by sempak kuning on 6:52 PM Rating: 5

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