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New Barry M Chameleon Pink

Yesterday in Superdrug I spotted three Barry M "Chameleon"shades, right next to the crackles and the magnetics so I gathered that was a new concept they were trying to launch (well, No.7 did have Miracle Plum).

These polishes are dubbed Chameleon because they apply one colour and as soon as a clear polish is added to it, they change to another colour, in this case from a frosty pink to purple. They also had blue (which turns to burgundy) and lilac (which turns to blue).

Right from the outset, I have to say, although I love Barry M to no end and it's my favourite British drugstore brand, I don't like this trend/ concept. This is just my opinion and I can see why a lot of people might actually like these.

I just about got into Magnetic and Crackle polishes when they were first released (I called them my lazy nail art) but this Chameleon one goes over my head. I mean, if I wanted my pink polish to have purple dots/ lines etc, I would just add an actual purple polish to it instead of adding a clear polish! And still be able to finish with a top coat to add longevity.

I would have much preferred if these colour-morphed like mood polishes instead!

The only good thing I can say about this polish is that's it's a true one-coater and it will probably make a good polish for stamping as it's extremely pigmented.
One of the many reasons I don't like this polish is because you cannot finish your mani off with a top coat for obvious reasons. I also tried a matte top coat and of course, it still ignites the change because even matte polish is wet upon touching the nail. I was so tired of this polish by the time I finished swatching my left hand that I couldn't even be bothered to do my other hand.

Definitely not for me, but seeing as it's only £3.99, you might want to give it a go yourself!

New Barry M Chameleon Pink New Barry M Chameleon Pink Reviewed by sempak kuning on 12:17 AM Rating: 5

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